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Pursuing the future and potential of manual transmissions: honing our craft in our advanced facilities

Aisin AI seeks to make the best manual transmissions in the world, and the Technical Center is where our research and development takes place. Outfitted with the latest technology, the Center is where our young researchers transform a constant flow of innovative ideas into real-world products, from initial design right through to testing.

Diverse testing and complete data collection

To ensure their reliability, every one of our products is designed to survive the harshest of environments. Starting with temperature fluctuation and long-distance operation tests, our equipment allows us to repeatedly test our products for safety and durability under a wide variety of conditions.

We also use computers to precise quantify and analyze such normally subjective factors as shift feeling and noise. By measuring with numbers which all observers can understand objectively we can arrive at less subjective and more accurate assessments. Gathered data is thoroughly analyzed and then fed back into the testing process.

The comprehensive facilities and varied technologies that enable us to apply these methods and gather this evidence are key factors contributing to the quality of our products.


Bringing the latest technologies and worker training together
The needs of our customers are fully integrated into the design process from the very earliest stages. We leverage our know-how and manufacturing experience to design in quality and cost performance.

We also take advantage of computer simulations to conduct strength and vibration tests to see how well our designs will perform when mounted in vehicles. This lets us dramatically reduce actual vehicle testing, thus shortening development times and greatly increasing efficiency.
Testing section in the Technical Center
Testing section in the Technical Center
Endurance tests under diverse running conditions
Endurance tests under diverse running conditions
Cutting edge technologies in the R&D room
Cutting edge technologies in the R&D room
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