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To meet the needs of customers and to exceed them: building the future of the automobile
Used in a variety of vehicles, the products that Aisin AI builds have a large impact on our lives. Needs change as society and our environment changes.

Comfortable and quiet handling; cost-performance; an enjoyable driving response: we continue to demand more and more from our cars. At Aisin AI we are working hard to create advanced products that meet customers' needs.

User needs Different drivers demand different things from their automobile: comfortable and safe transportation, a guide to places unknown, and a way to experience the pleasure of driving... Here at Aisin AI, we listen to the voices of the users and build products to satisfy diverse demands.

We offer the unique feel of manual transmissions, the easy-driving comfort of automated manual transmissions, and the driving thrills afforded by our sporty 6-speed manual transmissions. We provide the advantages inherent in manual transmissions, and then improve on them.

Automaker's needsAt Aisin AI, we don't just keep improving the same product; we conduct research in At Aisin AI, we don't just keep improving the same product; we conduct research in At Aisin AI, we don't just keep improving the same product; we conduct research in many different areas to develop the drivetrains of the future.

In addition, we are continuously improving our production system to meet clients' quality, delivery and cost needs and building our own unique products while forging partnerships with our automaker customers.

Society needs An advantage of manual transmissions is their increased efficiency that lowers fuel consumption. Since it is compact and lightweight, it also can control the use of materialy. Both features makes them possible to make kinds products for an environment from the resource consumption point of view.

With our ISO14001 certification, we at Aisin AI are working hard to help protect the earth’s environment, both in the design of our products and the way we produce them.

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Automated Manual Transmissions

The Auto Clutch system enables gear shifting without stepping on the clutch and the Auto Shift Mechanism automatically shifts gears. By adding these to a manual transmission, we can automate the clutch and gearshift that drivers normally have to operate themselves.

A vehicle equipped with both an Auto Shift mode that detects speed and acceleration to automatically change gears and a Manual mode that allows drivers to select gears themselves, can let drivers choose the driving style that suites their mood.

This is a low-cost system that retains the high efficiency and low weight of manual transmissions. (Used in Toyota’s Yaris.)

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Aiming for the top
Aisin AI's manual transmissions have equipped the Toyota 7, a famous car in the history of Japanese motor sports, and the classic Toyota 2000GT. It is a testament to our technological know-how that Aisin AI's manual transmissions have been built into such legendary automobiles.

At Aisin AI, we carefully apply the knowledge gained from these successful experiences in our R&D efforts, in order to fully develop the potential of manual transmissions.

Beginning with Japan and Europe, we will provide users the world over with the products they demand, and pursue the potential of manual transmissions until we are going to be the number one maker in the world.

AMT-equipped Toyota Varis (Vitz in Japan) The Toyota 7 that raced with Aisin's manual transmission 2000GT
AMT-equipped Toyota Yaris
(Vitz in Japan)
  The Toyota 7 that raced with Aisin's manual transmission   Toyota 2000GT equipped with Aisin's manual transmission

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