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Aisin Group All members of the Aisin Group share the same central philosophy: Quality First.

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
2-1 Asahi-Machi, Kariya-City, Aichi, 448-8650 (Tel: 0566-24-8441)
Business: Automobile parts production, lifestyle and energy related products
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Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd.
1 Tennoh, Takaokashin-Machi, Toyota-City, Aichi, 473-8501 (Tel: 0565-54-1123)
Business: Casting/machining and metal forming of automotive parts as well as production and sales of audio products and soundproofing materials
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Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd.
1141-1, Okawagahara, Fujioka-Iino-Cho, Toyota-City, Aichi, 470-0492 (Tel:0565-76-6661)
Business: Production and sales of chemical products, friction materials and plastic parts
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Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
10 Takane, Fujii-Cho, Anjo-City, Aichi, 444-1192 (Tel: 0566-73-1111)
Business: Production and sales of ATs, hybrid systems and car navigation systems
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Aisin Keikinzoku Co., Ltd.
12-3, Nagonoe, Imizu-City, Toyama, 934-8588 (Tel:0766-82-8800)
Business: Production of aluminum die casting products for automobile components and aluminum extrusion
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Aisin Development Co., Ltd.
3-3 Aioi-Cho, Kariya-City, Aichi, 448-8525 (Tel: 0566-27-8700)
Business: Construction, environmental development (civil engineering, greenery projects, real estate) and insurance agency business
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Aisin Kiko Co., Ltd.
70-6 Aza-Ikegami, Oaza-Tomokuni, Kira-Cho, Hazu-Gun, Aichi, 444-0504 (Tel: 0563-35-3850)
Business: Production of functional AT components, drivetrain related and body related components
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Aisin Sin’Ei Co., Ltd.
2-8-12 Konan-Cho, Hekinan-City, Aichi, 447-8508 (Tel: 0566-48-7000)
Business: Stamping of automotive parts, painting and production of body related components
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Aisin AW Industry Co., Ltd.
38 Ikenokami-Cho, Takefu-City, Fukui, 915-8520 (Tel: 0778-25-6611)
Business: Production of AT components
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Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd.
10 Michigami, Kazue-Cho, Toyota-City, Aichi, 470-1293 (Tel: 0565-21-1213)
Business: Production of brake related components for automobiles such as drum brakes
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Advics Co., Ltd.
2-1, Showa-Cho, Kariya-City, Aichi, 448-8688 (Tel: 0566-63-8000)
Business: Development and sales of brake systems for automobiles and their system components
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SHIROKI Corporation
35-1, Shimono Ichiba, Chigiri-cho, Toyokawa City, Aichi, 442-8501 (Tel: 0533-84-4691)
Business: Automotive interior functional parts, body exterior parts, production of seats for rail vehicles
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2-2-43 Tokiwagi, Ueda-City, Nagano, 386-0027 (Tel:0268-22-3000)
Business: Production of Pistons and piston pins for various kinds of internal combustion engines
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