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Heat-tempered gears
Heat-tempered gears
Assembling products in sequential production
Assembling products in sequential production
Completed transmissions ready for shipping
Completed transmissions ready for shipping
High precision manufacturing and assembly the key elements of production

Our manual transmissions are assembled from hundreds of parts manufactured to exacting micron-levels of precision, enabling us to provide the shift feeling and silent operation for customers demand.

We also apply our advanced techniques to such essential processes as gear tooling and surface finishing during the manufacture of the product. When tooling gears we apply teeth coating and other high-precision methods.

Along with precision, strength is the other main goal of our manufacturing system. We use shot peening to strengthen metal and temper parts with heat treatment applied with up to 25 sequential quenching furnaces.

Our unique multi-stream, just-in-time assembly lines and highly trained operators guarantee that every finished product complies with our exacting quality standards.
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