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Jul 25, 2005
Develop high torque capacity 6-speed Manual Transmission for FWD Vehicle

AISIN AI Co., Ltd. (head office: Aichi pref. Nishio City, President Masahiro Suo) has developed 6-speed manual transmission (6-speed MT) for 2.0~3.8 liter class front wheel drive vehicle. This product has realized high torque capacity 6-speed MT with the same length as 5-speed MT through development of 3 shaft type gear train structure. It will be installed in Toyota's "Avensis", Mazda's "Mazda6" and "Mazda5", Mitsubishi's "Eclipse", and we pursue maximum efficiency of facility, man, and space by implementing mixed production of products for each customers. The sales plan for this year (2005 physical year) is 210 thousand units, and we aim sales of 400 thousand by the year 2007. In the future, we will promote further expansion of sales with this high torque FF 6-speed MT as our company's leading product.

This light and compact 6-speed manual transmission, developed with much improved shift feeling, makes an ideal match for the vehicle's new high-rev, high-torque rotary engine.

Main feature of the high torque FWD 6-speed MT

1.Product Name
High torque FWD 6-speed Manual Transmission

(1)Achieved compact size and light weight through 3-shaft gear train and 2 piece housing case.
(2)Realized smooth shift feeling by using multi cone synchronizer ring in 1st gear to 4th gear, and development of high precision shift structure.
(3)Reduced gear noise by optimizing gear surface design and vibration analysis.

BG6 Manual Transmission
BG6 Manual Transmission

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