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Jul 13, 2006
Cumulative Domestic Production of Manual Transmissions Tops 10 Million Units.

Aisin AI Co., Ltd.'s (President: Masahiro Suo; Headquarters: Nishio, Aichi) cumulative domestic production of manual transmissions (hereafter "MTs") reached 10 million units in July 2006.

After being separated from Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. in July 1991 as a specialist manufacturer in MTs in Nishio City, Aichi, we were able to achieve this milestone 15 years later.
Subsequent to attaining five million units in 2000, cumulative production of MTs doubled in a 67-month period as a result of expanding sales of MTs for FF vehicles and other products developed by our company.
The lineup of MTs for passenger cars, in particular, has been expanded since production of MTs for FF vehicles first began in 1997. Additionally, MT products for passenger cars were more installed in passenger cars for Europe and other overseas destinations, which drastically increased the production volume.
We will continue to promote further sales expansion centered on newly developed products.

To celebrate this, a memorial ceremony was held at assembly line of MT"BG6" for FF passenger vehicles.

Memorial Ceremony
Memorial Ceremony

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