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Sep 25, 2007
High torque RWD Transfer Case for new model

AISIN AI Co., Ltd. (head office: Aichi pref. Nishio City, President: Masahiro Suo) has started production for the high torque rear-wheel drive (RWD) transfer case for TOYOTA new "Land Cruiser".
The transfer case transfers the power from the transmission to both the front and rear axles. Compared with the previous product, our new product is designed lightweight and compact with high torque capacity. The part-time type of this high torque RWD transfer case is already installed into TOYOTA "Tundra", released this February in North American market. The new "Land Cruiser" is using the full-time type.
We aim 300,000 units sales per a year including the domestic and overseas sales at 2008 fiscal year. In the future, we will promote further expansion of sales with this high torque capacity RWD transfer case as our company's leading product.

TN2 Transfercase for the Land Cruiser
TN2 Transfercase for the Land Cruiser

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